Acupuncture for Fertility Frequently Asked Questions

Considering acupuncture for fertility treatments but are in the dark when it comes to what is involved? The following frequently asked questions will help you understand the process.

So what can I expect from the initial appointment?

The first acupuncture for fertility session starts off with a consultation where they’ll ask a series of questions, some that will be similar to what a traditional physician would ask. Next follows a treatment which lasts approximately 30 minutes. There will also be unconventional questions asked. Examples of non-traditional questions include what unusual food cravings you’ve had and whether or not your body temperature runs colder or warmer than others. Acupuncturists look for patterns of physical discord/changes. In Chinese medicine, the pulse is especially important, and a lot of information can be derived from it. One common test pulse rate test that they use is checking the pulse of a patient’s tongue.

What happens during the acupuncture treatment?

During treatment, you’ll lie down on a table while the practitioner places hair-thin acupuncture needles at precise locations on the body. About 15, single use, sterilized needles are used during the procedure. Most patients report that they feel calm and relaxed during and after treatment.

Does acupuncture for fertility hurt?

While the thought of having needles stuck in your body may bring about thoughts of pain, the process is virtually pain free because the needles used are extremely thin. That said, everybody experiences the procedure differently. In most cases, people report that the procedure is painless, others that they don’t feel much more than a minor tingling sensation. Others have said that it just feels like a single hair being pulled out. In some cases, a slight, not unpleasant sensation is experienced when the needles are initially inserted but that it immediately goes away. As mentioned above, most acupuncture patients report that they feel more relaxed and calmer after an acupuncture for fertility session.

When should the acupuncture treatments begin?

Most acupuncturists treating fertility issues recommend that treatment start at least three months prior to any other fertility treatments begin. Most acupuncturists also recommend continued treatment on a weekly basis during the first few months (usually 3) of pregnancy because acupuncture treatments have a cumulative effect on hormonal shifts throughout the cycle. If the idea of weekly treatment doesn’t feel doable for you, acupuncture can also be beneficial if utilized prior to and following an IVF embryo transfer. Studies regarding infertility have shown that treatment at the time of the embryo transfer can increase the chances of success.

How much does acupuncture for fertility cost?

The costs of acupuncture for fertility varies, based on the training and experience of the acupuncturists, the number of sessions that are provided, and whether herbal treatments are also going to be included which they often are.

Does insurance cover acupuncture for fertility treatments?

Most likely not, however you should definitely ask because if they don’t pay all, they may pay a portion of the cost.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to successful results with acupuncture for fertility treatments is to choose a CT acupuncturist that specializes in treating fertility issues.