The Most Practical Benefits of Home or Live in Care for Your Loved One

In the UK, many surveys have been done regarding the proper care for an elderly family member. And needless to say, these surveys have shown that a good majority of individuals believe that it is better for elderly loved ones to remain at home rather than be forced to stay in a care home or centre. Whilst care homes provide a good level of care, people still choose to remain at home if the need arises – and this is where the practical benefits of live in care come in.

The practicality of live in care when it comes to cost

There is a common misconception that live in care is more expensive than residential care. In fact, live in care is actually less expensive than residential care or care at a senior centre or home. For instance, the average expense of residential care or staying in a care home on the national level is about £34000 per year – which amounts to around £654 every single week. But with live in care providers and agencies sprouting up, competition is fiercer, so live in care agencies often offer much lower rates. Also, in a care home, the residents have to pay for everything – the food they eat, their medication, extracurricular activities, and so on. But if your loved one can stay at home, they can choose the food they want and the activities they would like to do, which will end up being less expensive than what they pay for at a care home – and more convenient as well.

Additionally, when you choose to have your elderly loved one cared for at their own home, your elderly family member may even be eligible for certain benefits or financial assistance from the local government.

A tailored, personalised service

Whilst care providers at care homes are usually professionally-trained, they may not have the time nor the resources to pay special attention to your loved one. They are often too busy taking care of other care home residents that sometimes even the most basic tasks are neglected. But with live in care, your loved one can benefit from a tailored, personalised service – one that is designed to fit their exact needs.

More control

If you are concerned with your loved one’s well-being, then live in care is your best option. This is because you have more control over what is going on in your loved one’s life. You can visit them regularly or whenever you have the time, you can have a consultation with the caregiver regarding the state or mood of your loved one, and you have a better awareness of your elderly family member’s overall condition.

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