Pure Life Physiotherapy Surrey Operates from Two Locations

At Pure Life Physiotherapy, healing is a way of life, and they take special care to ensure their clients lead a healthy and active life. Their personalized services and amazing staff support offer the most effective treatment designed to give you functional independence. The cutting edge rehabilitation services are designed with utmost care to get you up and moving again.

To treat more clients and offer them freedom from various types of health issues with the help of Physiotherapy, Pure Life operates from two different locations in Surrey, BC. You will find state of the art Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre near Surrey Memorial Hospital: http://purelifephysiotherapy.ca/

The secondary unit is a modern facility with Gym/Yoga. See more details here:


Free parking is available for clients at both these locations. At both the facilities, they are committed to providing high-quality services to make you feel confident in mind, body, and spirit. When you are healed inside, it shows on the outside as well.

Reasons to Choose Pure Life:

Pure Life offers the most reliable physiotherapy service in Surrey. They use unconventional methods to get to the root of the problem and treat it inside out so that you can get up and moving again like before. The state of art gym has all the modern facilities and cutting-edge tools to help you recover faster.

Furthermore, the staff offers awesome support throughout your treatment process. The highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists offer custom made treatment for people suffering from different health problems.

The best part is that Pure Life operates from two locations, so it means you are closer to the facility from any corner of Surrey.

In case you run out of coverage while undergoing treatment at Pure Life, or you do not have a health insurance at all, you can make the best use of the competitive Rate Package offered at Pure Life, Surrey.

Services offered at Pure Life:

The services offered at Pure Life include Physiotherapy, active rehab, massage therapy, personal training, pre & post natal care, spinal decompression, hip & knee care, pulsed wave therapy, and counselling.

Pure Life Physiotherapy offers these services at both the locations. You can book a free 10 min phone consultation online to discuss your problem and find out how Pure Life can help you. You can also download a free report from their website to learn more about Physiotherapy and its healing benefits.