The USAID Morocco MEC Program

The Morocco Financial Aggressiveness program (MEC) of the U.S. Office for Global Improvement (USAID) expects to diminish obstructions to exchange and venture by enhancing numerous financial and social fields.

This program plans to advance the temperate Morocco improvement, and create profitability through real ranges, for example, agriculture&émàx and nourishment industry, exchange, speculation and business enterprise.

The program MEC has many accomplices both broadly and locally in target districts: Doukkala-Abda and the Oriental area. It additionally has an accomplished group, made of Moroccan and American designers

Specialized zones of the program can be separated to three noteworthy zones

1­ Business atmosphere which will be enhanced through an arrangement of lawful and administrative changes with a specific end goal to help exchange morocco, and increment the speculation rate.


2 Water and Horticulture: the objective is to elevate farming attempting to improve efficiency, exchange, and work through the advancement of water assets utilize. Farming improvement empowers fares of horticultural and agro-prepared items also.

3­ Workforce: the change of financial exercises depends likewise on a solid work drive, so consolidating basic necessities to build intensity is crucial to accomplish this objective.

In a joint effort with local and national accomplices, the activities are executed keeping in mind the end goal to meet with the primary destinations by supporting changes, strenghtening institutional limits and invovling the private segment.

Legitimate and administrative changes:

  1. The MEC program underpins the Moroccan government to modernize the Business Enlist and to set up the Regular Business Identifier.
  2. Valuing strategy and water-sparing agribusiness, Treatment and reuse of wastewater in farming, Access to financing and agrarian water preservation, Change of vitality approach to help the advancement of water use in horticulture
  3. Work showcase and the sustainable power source part

Fortifying institutional limit

  1. The Territorial Reviews on the Business Atmosphere, Pilots Activities coming about because of the Provincial Overviews, Sending of e-put resources into two Moroccan locales


  1. Support for an institutional and operational system for wastewater reuse in horticulture, Support for the Maroc Arrangement Vert, New data innovations supporting water asset administration, Support for the appointed administration of the flooded border of Doukkala-Abda
  2. A data and correspondence framework for professional preparing, Bolster youth employability in the earthenware division

Expanded private area cooperation

  1. Enhance the intensity of key segments, mprove access to business sectors (specifically the U.S. advertise), Measure exchange, Bolster regional promoting, Build up a framework for the dispersal of discount costs of farming items
  2. Fortifying hierarchical limit, administration, and administration of little ranchers, Advancing water protection in the agro-handling industry, Streamlining of water in little homesteads through the advancement of neighborhood items (produits du terroir)
  3. Proficient reconciliation and aptitude working among the workforce at present utilized in dairy organizations, Support for the commercialization of Safi earthenware in the local and worldwide markets, Support for youth independent work in the stoneware area