How to Relieve Allergy on the Skin

Allergy is a reaction of the body’s immune system towards something that considers dangerous although it is actually not. The allergen or the substance that leads to allergy only gives the effects to particular people. For the others, the allergen may not give the same reaction. Meanwhile, the level of severe also tends to be different from one person to another. Well, if you or people around you may be suffered from the allergy, there are some steps to solve the problems. At least, some steps below are quite important for the first aid.

Don’t Scratch It

Okay, it is probably really difficult. Yes, how to bear the itchy feeling due to the allergy is indeed by scratching the area. However, it doesn’t heal the disease at all. For many reasons, it may make your skin getting worse due to the contagious bacteria and the others. Besides, if the allergic area is being scratched, it may cause wound and infection. So, it is always better to stop it.

Use Antiseptic Liquid to Clean It

The areas with allergy are easy to be contacted by the germ, virus, and bacteria. So, the important thing you should do is cleaning the area. Sure, it is not by using water but a kind of antiseptic liquid. You should not worry since the products are widely available out there including in RXShopMD. So, what is the function of the liquid? It is to kill the germ and bacteria that may make the allergy get worse. Besides, some liquid has also been equipped by the substance that can heal you from this skin problem.

Use Medication

There are 2 types of medication for skin allergy. First, it is in the form of cream or ointment. The ointment can just be smeared on your skin. In general, the function is similar to the antiseptic liquid, it is killing the germ and bacteria. The effect sometimes can be directly felt in which your skin is no longer itchy. Meanwhile, the second type is the drug to be consumed. Some examples of the products are Allegra, Fexofenadine, and the likes. Although the effects may not be felt directly just like the cream, the results tend to be more effective.

Use Cold Water for Bath

At the moment, you should avoid using warm water while bathing. The cold water is more suggested since it is able to lessen the rash on the skin. After taking a bath or showering, you may dry your skin with a really clean and dry towel. Use a moisturizer for the skin particularly on the area that has not been infected by the allergy. Meanwhile, the moisturizer or body lotion is used also like the treatment for prevention from allergy.

Use the Loose and Soft Clothes

The tight clothes can make the allergy worse. Despite it fastens the spreading process; your skin may feel itchier when using such an outfit. It is more suggested also to wear the clothes from cotton that tends to be cooler and more comfortable on your skin. Well, even in the winter, you should not wear the wool when the allergy is coming.