What factors affect how long it stays in your system?

There are many products which have been invented so as to help the body to get rid of cannabis. The demand for these products has continually increased as more and more workplaces conduct a drug test on their workers. It is important to note that there are counterfeit products in the current market and therefore getting the right one can be quite tricky. For you to get the best results it is essential that you learn about the factors that affect the period which cannabis compounds stay in the body.

Some of the major factors include gender, age and body mass index. These factors are greatly contributed by how the body metabolizes the cannabis compound and are therefore not directly related to the drug itself. You can check out this article for more information about this.

There are other factors which are directly related to weed itself. This includes the amount and frequency at which you take the drug. The body will take an extended period of time to get rid of the weed if you take it frequently and in high doses.

The level of concentration of THC in the weed also determines how long it will stay in the body. You should note that ingestion of marijuana will make it remain in the body slightly longer than when it is smoked.

You obviously know that different people have various rates of metabolism. Some people can easily burn their calories by simply sitting around, while others find it difficult to lose weight even after adopting an active lifestyle. The people who have a faster rate of metabolism are able to eliminate the cannabis compounds within a short period of time. You should note there is no product that can help in eliminating weed out of the body drastically. It is a process that requires time.