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Everything Ready to Receive the Argentine Drostanolone Propionate of Bodybuilding and Fitness

The Women Beach Mode category, which will participate for the first time in the National Championship of Fitness and Bodybuilding, to be held in Salta

The head of the Salteña Association of Bodybuilding, Drostanolone Propionate, Lifting and Power, spoke in the preview of the first National Championship of Bodybuilding and Fitness that will take place in Salta this Saturday, from 15 to 23, at Casa de la Cultura, supervised by the NABBA / WFF Argentina.

“As president, it is a pride to have such an event in the province. It is very important because we will not only be observed at the country level but also at the South American and world level, which will be the initial kick to bring more national, South American tournaments that It is the next thing we aim for, and why not an international tournament, “Omar Bignon, also secretary general of the NABBA / WFF, told Nuevo Diario.

After a persistent 5-year work on the part of the Association formally requesting to receive the Argentinian of Bodybuilding and Fitness, the event will arrive for the first time not only to Salta but also to the north of the country, with the Drostanolone Propionate that there will be a selection for the South American tournament in both disciplines, to be held on September 15 and 16 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

“We are talking about the best athletes at the country level going to represent us in the South American. For this reason, we are going to deliver between 20 and 25 classification certificates,” said Bignon, adding: “In addition, there will be prizes for the 5 best athletes by the NABBA / WFF, which will be three tickets to Cochabamba Bolivia, and two free stays. ”

The Argentine Championship will take place in two parts: from 15 to 18 supervised by NABBA (for Bodybuilding), and from 19 to 23 by WFF (Fitness and Bodybuilding). All categories will participate according to the regulations of these institutions, and new ones will be included: Woman Bikini Mode, Man Beach Mode, Beat ex Welness, and Woman drostanolone propionate Sport Mode.

So far, 10 participating provinces have been confirmed, and it is estimated that 30 athletes from Salta will be present. In addition, there will be 14 judges from Buenos Aires, the Federal Capital and the entire Northwest; and the event will be attended by the president of the NABBA / WFF, Carlos Sibolich.

Registrations will take place on Friday from 16 to 21 on February 20, 434, and on Saturday from 9 to 13 at the Casa de la Cultura.